native New Yorker, born in the Bronx to a Puerto Rican family after 5 years in the boggy down Bronx we moved to the Lower East Side of Manhattan and lived in a two bedroom apartment with one younger sister and my mother and father. My parents got me involved in gymnastics at just seven years old. This was a wonderful outlet, keeping me away from the temptations that often consumed many of the young kids in my neighborhood. I was determined to be successful in this sport and competed for the YMCA and then The High School of Performing Arts where I became captain also. All I did was eat, sleep and drink gymnastics while other kids were out socializing and abusing other substances I was practicing my sport. Towards the end of my senior year of high school I obtained a serious injury to my elbow I knew my dream of becoming an Olympic hopeful was impossible. So I went to college and pursued my art at New York City Technical College and The Fashion Institute of Technology while continuing to do gymnastics just for my pleasure but with such a strong background in fitness, becoming a personal trainer was a natural career progression for me.

 ater I got involved in bodybuilding competitions, where I took the foundation I built through years of gymnastics and incorporated the principles of bodybuilding and found a new outlet for my passion to compete and perform. Along with my bodybuilding I also do some modeling in which I have appeared in various publications, ads and videos.

modeling job list
• Notorious BIG video • Nonno Lee video • Cover model for photography book (Prometheus) • YMCA billboard model • Poster model for The Public Theater (Insurrection) • Fashion model (Men Mode magazine) • Displayed in photography book (Exposed) • Underwear model (Indonesia–Details) • Athletic Model (Pride magazine)


he final chapters of my story are yet to be written, but I hope that I will help motivate others to utilize the benefits of physical activity to reach personal goals. It is often discouraging looking at unrealistic role models that cover the pages of almost all bodybuilding publications. I think that my symmetry and muscular size is one that many people can aspire to achieve and think possible due to my strong belief in natural bodybuilding.